Stucco and Concrete

Proper waterproofing and repair of concrete and stucco walls is critical for the integrity and long-life of a building in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5 Steps of a Wall Repair Project

  • Inspect wall surfaces for any cracks, gaps, or other signs of damage
  • Next, wall surfaces are Power washed to remove loose paint and uncover non-bonded or hidden cracks on the wall. Non-bonded coatings are scraped, ground out and cleaned and visible cracks in concrete wall surfaces and existing coatings not bonded to bare concrete are removed. Cracks in the wall and/or spalls are identified, ground out and filled and patched
  • When the walls are clean and dry, all joints are caulked and the walls are primed with a multi-seal primer
  • Testing the membrane after installation
  • Next – as in the photo above — a Terpolymer Wall Waterproofing coating is applied to the walls to provide maximum waterproofing protection followed by a 100% Acrylic Low Sheen top-coat.

Architectural Restoration & Waterproofing is a Stucco and Concrete Contractor. Serving San Francisco, Marin, and the greater Bay Area.