Cementitious & Sumps

In remedial situations, where access to a leaking below grade wall is impossible, a cementitious system which works by crystalline growth through the capillary voids in the concrete substrate, can be applied to the negative interior side. We also install exterior sump pump systems where no gravity drainage is possible.

The condition of the painted concrete retaining wall in the photo above with white efflorescence and cracks revealed water penetration through the wall. Existing coatings were removed to prepare the wall for waterproofing by using scrapers to remove the build-up of paint. The wall was pressure-washed and a diamond cup grinder wheel with dust recovery system used to remove any added paint to prepare walls for waterproofing.

Cracks in the wall were opened with a demolition hammer to receive receive Water Plug hydraulic cement which was worked into joints and cracks to seal them from water intrusion. Xypex cementitious waterproofing compound was then installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations at the concrete wall areas. When the Xypex coating was sufficiently dried, a final coat of Thoroseal cementitious waterproofing was installed to drive the crystals into the concrete wall and create a uniform seal.

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