Caulking & Expansion Joints

ARC caulks stucco, concrete, wood, and other surfaces in San Francisco and the Bay Area including high rise sealing of pre-cast panels and windows using time tested silicone and urethane rubber. As shown in the photo of the Trans Pacific Center at 1000 Broadway in Oakland, all window and wall expansion joints throughout the exterior of the entire building, including the Plaza were caulked and sealed.

Failed sealants were ground down to create the proper joint design at the perimeter of panel/wall joints and windows. All joints were cleaned of efflorescence, dust and corrosion, and all surfaces wiped with Acetone and clean rags. Flexible compressible polyurethane joint filler or bond breaker tape was applied where needed, Urethane rubber sealant was used to completely fill all voids producing a watertight bond between the joint surfaces. ARC also power washed and painted the entire building.

Architectural Restoration & Waterproofing is a Caulking & Expansion Joints Contractor, serving San Francisco, Marin, and the greater Bay Area.