Elastomeric Systems

Whether on wood or other flexible decks, we specialize in the installation of elastomeric pedestrian and vehicular traffic surface systems in San Francisco that afford maximum weather, waterproofing and traffic protection. Using state-of-the-art technology, we install elastomeric liquid and single-ply membranes to create a flexible, durable protection system for your deck that is impervious to water, sunlight and abrasion.

Steps for Waterproofing a Deck

  • Inspect each deck and adjacent areas for any signs of damage, such as dry rot, cracks, or loose boards, etc
  • Damaged portions of the decks are repaired or replaced
  • Deck areas are cleaned/pressure washed and sanded to remove any dirt or debris from the surface
  • Sheet metal flashing is installed — as shown in the close-up seen in the photo above — and used to guide water (from walls, windows, sliding glass doors) onto the waterproofed surface of the deck.
  • First coat is applied. After allowing the first coat to dry
  • “Sand coat” is applied, using fine grain sand broadcast onto the coating to solidify it and make it slip resistant.
  • A third “Top” coat is applied to protect the waterproofed walking surface from exposure to the sun.

Cementitious Waterproofing

ARC also installs “Cemintitious” waterproofing (using either Pli-Dek or LIFE-DECK cementitious waterproofing systems) for plywood substrates, often in situations or locations where possible risk of fire damage or “high fire” ratings are required.

Cementitious waterproofing materials involve applying a cement-based mixture to the surface of a deck, which acts as a barrier to prevent water from penetrating through the surface. Cementitious waterproofing materials are composed of cement, sand, and additives such as polymer or latex. When waterproofing a deck, a waterproof membrane is applied to the wood to assure a waterproof seal, then galvanized metal lath is laid down. A polyacrylic emulsion base coat is applied first to enhance flexibility, followed by a second coat. Various acrylic or epoxy topcoats can be used for finishes.

ARC is a full service contractor with a broad range of Elastomeric and Cementitious waterproofing experience in San Francisco, Marin County, and the greater Bay Area.