Dry Rot Walls

Physical movement of a building or errors in original construction can create cracks which allow water penetration that results in dry rot in walls below the stucco or wood siding of a structure, requiring a comprehensive plan to repair and restore its integrity. In the photo above of one of the buildings in a Condominium Complex in Marin county, ARC expertly removed all damaged wood, installed new joists and siding after finding the sources that created the structural problem. Using differing techniques for re-building the walls in several buildings – depending on the type of wood or stucco exteriors – ARC cleaned and primed the repaired wood, then painted, (in some areas re-applied stucco) and applied a breathable elastomeric coating to re-establish waterproof integrity, leaving the appearance of new/renewed walls.

Architectural Restoration & Waterproofing is an Dry Rot Repair Contractor serving San Francisco, San Rafael, and Marin County.