Paver and Pedestal Systems

The key reason Paver and Pedestal systems are desirable in San Francisco and the Bay Area is that they allow even a single paver (or two) to be temporarily removed to potentially solve leaking problems in a membrane as opposed to removing an entire walking surface to repair or replace a waterproof membrane. The Photo above shows Step #5 of the steps outlined below (setting pavers in place) on an ARC project where a leaking second story courtyard above a condominium living area required the topping slab to be removed in order to access a failed waterproofing membrane. The membrane was replaced with a CIM waterproofing membrane and, instead of tile or concrete, a paver system was installed for ease of detection and repair of any future leakage.

7 Steps of a Paver and Pedestal Project

  • Removing the topping slab to gain access to the failed membrane
  • Removing existing failed sheet membrane
  • Installing sheet metal flashing on the perimeter
  • Testing the CIM membrane after installation
  • Setting the pavers in place
  • Cutting pavers around the perimeter
  • Cleaning the completed paver courtyard

ARC is an expert paver and pedestal system contractor serving San Francisco, Marin county, and the greater Bay Area.